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App that identifies unsafe ingredients by scanning product labels using your phone’s camera

The Supermarket App Pro is an unsafe ingredient scanner for products found in Supermarkets. This includes all products found in Supermarkets, from food to personal care, household cleaners, pet food, etc. The scanner, via your phone’s camera, will scan ingredient lists and match it against our database to find unsafe ingredients. The objective of our App is to empower families in making better decisions when it comes to purchasing food and health products for their homes.


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June 2, 2023 – Version 1.18.24 is available, please update! Please email for issues #supermarketapppro


Find out how and why we add unsafe ingredients to our database

Mono and diglycerides, removed from unsafe database

Aside from adding unsafe ingredients to our database, we also remove ingredients from the database when we come across new …
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Mercury, and permutations thereof, added to unsafe database

Mercury, a toxic ingredient, has been banned in the US since 1973 (in products with levels higher than 1ppm).  Unfortunately …
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PEG ingredients, added to unsafe database

Based on all the information coming from NY State as well as a cross-reference with the Environmental Working Group’s website, …
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‘Fragrance’ ingredient, added to unsafe database

A recently published, comprehensive review of fragrances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in personal care and household products has …
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