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Unsafe Food Definition

Thank you for downloading the Supermarket App Pro and for your concern for the quality of food sold in supermarkets. Our app was developed in response to the increasing presence of unsafe ingredients in supermarket products. Our goal is to educate shoppers about which ingredients are truly healthy and which are unhealthy, and even potentially cancer-causing.

So, what exactly do we mean by “unsafe”? Unsafe ingredients are those that have a history of being cancer-causing, hazardous to health, unfit for human consumption, listed as toxic by governing bodies or non-profit organizations, containing concerning toxins or compounds, including high amounts of restricted pesticides, or being adulterated products.

We chose the term “unsafe” to encompass all of these meanings without sounding overly alarming. While it’s ultimately your choice what you consume, until the government takes action, it’s up to us to police these ingredients ourselves. Our Supermarket App Pro makes it easier for you to identify unsafe ingredients, empowering you to make informed choices.

We use the term “unsafe” instead of “toxic” or “hazardous” because consuming products with unsafe ingredients won’t immediately result in death. However, consistent exposure to these ingredients can lead to deteriorating health conditions. By knowing which ingredients to avoid, we hope to help you navigate this issue and make healthier choices.