Source Partners

Supermarket App Pro

The app that lets you know when ingredients are dangerous,
banned and generally unsafe for human consumption

The Supermarket App Pro is available on the Apple Store and this is the first iteration of what will be Source Partner’s foundational product.  We are so proud to introduce the Supermarket App Pro — an App that lets you know which ingredients are unsafe.  This is our first iteration.

The Supermarket App Pro is a paid app for $4.99 and when downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. On the Apple store, it looks like this:




The Intro screen is self-explanatory,  it summarizes what the App does, which is to find out if Supermarket ingredients are unsafe for you and your family’s health

The first screen (also in the free app) is the Text-Input screen where you can type in which ingredient you want to check.  It will provide results for each ingredient.  The limitation of this is obvious, who has the time to input text one at a time? Particularly when some ingredients are five syllables long.   Thats why we also added the scanner version.

The Scanner is essentially the Supermarket App Pro:  in the App, you are able to scan ingredient labels and our app will match it against our database to find the dangerous and unsafe ingredients.

There are limitations to our App but these should not affect the overall quality of our product.  We hope you find our App valuable in  making better, healthier decisions for you and your family (including your fur family).