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How to Use
Supermarket App Pro

The Supermarket App Pro is essentially an ingredient scanner. It scans all ingredients found in Supermarket products, whether they are food items or body and hair care. If it has an ingredient label, our app can scan it and match it against our database for unsafe ingredients. Here is a video (links to Youtube) of how to use the app.

Here is the step by step process of how to use our app:

Step 1. Search for and download Supermarket App Pro from the Apple Store

Step 2. Find a product with an ingredient label

Step 3. Open the app and click on, “Scan” — found on the lower menu of the App

Step 4. Ensure image is clear and readable, crop if necessary

Step 5. Click on “Done” and the app will automatically run the scanned ingredients through our database that contains known unsafe ingredients

Step 6. Wait a few seconds for the results, the app will let you know if there are any unsafe ingredients found on the product