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About Source Partners

Why we started this website and what we hope to accomplish

In the beginning…

When my son was born, I started doing about 1 – 2 hours of research daily.  I was vaguely aware that products in the United States weren’t being put through the same rigid standards of food and product safety as the EU (European Union) Countries and I wanted to make sure that I was giving my son the best possible childhood. One that would not poison him, negatively affect the environment or animals.  As he has grown older, I’ve spent so much more time on research.  It’s kinda ridiculous that the onus is on us, parents, to ensure the safety of our children, in terms of food and product safety.  This website is about ensuring that whatever product I give my son is going to be good for him, the planet and the animals.

As a Mom, I know how hard it is to be able to do comprehensive research on anything, as one result on google spews out as many as a few thousand results.  Who has the time to scour the internet? Well, apparently I do. Im already doing it and its just a matter of categorizing, classifying and making sure the website is User-Friendly. 

My name is Fevi (link goes to Linkedin) I’m the Founder of Source Partners and creator of the Supermarket App Pro. I have an entire team behind me and am thankful for them, in particular Martin and Jarvey

How to Classify Products?

Because I am an SEO Professional, researching and  categorizing products is something that I do on a daily basis.  But, it’s still challenging.  How do we categorize millions of products into an easy-to-understand catalog?  The good news is that we don’t have to, so many governing entities (FDA, EFSA, FSIS US Dept of Agriculture, CDC, FSA UK) have already done so.  All we needed to do was to collect the data and create our database. 

Where do we get our research?

We will get a lot of information that is already online — in websites of governing bodies and organizations tasked to maintain food quality.  Here are the websites: 

Limitations of our Research

We are a small team that wants to make a big impact so please bear with us as we traverse through growing pains. Read our Blog that includes all the limitations that we know and how to circumvent them. We will be updating this frequently.

There will also be times when our website will be slow because we won’t have enough bandwidth. Again, we will try our best not to let this happen.

Please also feel free to send us feedback via our contact form.