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Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. It really depends on you. If you stopped eating all the foods in the supermarket and stopped using all the products (hair, skin care) that have unsafe ingredients in them and found alternatives for those same products, then yes, you will definitely lose weight. A lot of the unsafe products are highly processed. Highly processed food and products are all generally bad for your health.

[Note from our Founder] I’ve personally lost 20lbs in the last two years just by changing my entire perspective on food and products. It takes awhile for you to be able to stop eating your favorite snacks so be patient with yourself.  We also cannot guarantee you will lose weight because there needs to be an internal shift within your mindset about how you treat your body and food. Once you understand that food is medicine, and that coupled with daily walks (some sort of exercise) and a good nights sleep — your transformation will begin.  

The most common reason this is happening is because the scanner is unable to read the ingredient properly. Pls make sure the ingredient label is flat and the image is clear. Crop the image if necessary to give the scanner a better chance of scanning the ingredient clearly.

We base it on the meta-analysis and studies as well as recommendations from governing bodies. When we have to make a decision between choosing a recommendation between the FDA and the EU, we take a look at the studies they base their recommendations on. The European Commission has the SCCS or the Scientific Committee of Consumer Safety that usually provides assessments on ingredients.