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Limitations of
Supermarket App Pro

Supermarket App Pro has limitations, here are the ones we know about and how to circumvent them.  Please note that we are in the early stages of our product and recently launched, we are working vigorously to ensure that the limitations are not going to affect the overall quality of the product.

  1. Ensure image is clear, bright and readable — labels that are flat are going to be easier to read than labels in soft labels.  Try to get the product as flat as possible so that your camera can capture a clear image. 
  2. Crop image to show only ingredients — our scanner is sensitive and will read all characters and numbers.  The problem with this is that we’ve included all the short codes that manufacturers use in labels.  When our scanner reads, “2021” on your label, it will prompt the ingredient as “unsafe” because 202 is short code for an unsafe ingredient. 
  3. Text / Image Scanner is not perfect — our scanner is not able to read ingredient lists perfectly and sometimes ingredients can be duplicated or truncated or in some cases, missing. We are still working on perfecting the ingredient scanner.
  4. Our list of unsafe ingredients is incomplete as there are thousands of unsafe ingredients currently used in American Supermarkets. We are confident that we have curated the top 900 most used unsafe ingredients in American Supermarkets and we continue growing our list.  Pls continue to update your app frequently so you can access the latest banned list.
  5. Wrong spelling — if an ingredient on a label has an incorrect spelling, our app will give the prompt that it is a “safe” product. Our app is not able to determine wrong spelling of chemicals, unfortunately. If you suspect that a product should have the label ‘unsafe’ and our app gives it a ‘safe’ label — please use the text-input to confirm your findings and contact us — so that we can include the wrong spelling in our app. We appreciate your passion for safe food.
  6. Short-code ingredient names — we’ve discovered, during the course of our app development, that ingredients have been codified and shortened so that they fit into small labels.  Our short code ingredients are incomplete as of writing.   
  7. Multiple names for the same ingredient — A lot of unsafe ingredients have multiple names and we’ve tried to include all the names of each ingredient list to our database.  We have not found all permutations thereof.  
  8. Even with the “This is SAFE” prompt, we are unable to guarantee that the product is indeed 100% safe — toxic-free and non-carcinogenic.  Again, we are using  information that is already published and if the meta-analysis mention the ingredient is safe, so will our app.   
  9. We don’t measure doses.  A lot of toxic additives  are allowed for consumption in limited doses but there are limited long-term studies that measure doses of toxic additives. Also, we don’t believe that unsafe and toxic additives belong in our supermarkets. In fact, in all our product demonstrations on Tiktok, for every toxic-filled product we find a non-toxic alternative.  If smaller companies can make safe products, so can big corporations.
  10. Not meant to diagnose.  The information presented on our website ( and app (Supermarket App Pro), or any other communication from us are strictly for information purposes only.  The ingredient concerns are not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a health issue as a substitute for consulting a qualified medical professional.  Some concepts herein may be theoretical. 

Please check back for updates.