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Quick Fixes (FAQs)

Subscribed but not being able to scan — when this happens, this is a dropped connection with the store.  Delete the app and then reinstall it.  This will fix the dropped connection with the store.

Not scanning — when a product is not scanning properly, please make sure that the label is flat and readable.  If your eyes cannot read the label, the phone’s camera will not be able to read the label as well.

Not scanning barcodes — the Supermarket App Pro does not scan barcodes.  It only scans ingredient labels in text.

Not prompting ingredients — the App only prompts for concerning and toxic ingredients, it does not prompt for ingredients that are not on our unsafe database.

iPhone 13 blurry — the iPhone 13 shifts lenses when trying to focus, thats why images become blurry.  Go to Settings, then Camera.  Toggle Lens Correction, OFF, so that the lens doesn’t become confused when trying to take a photo of the ingredients. Toggle Macro Control, ON, so the lens focuses on the text.  Here is a step by step instruction guide.