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PEG ingredients, added to unsafe database

Based on all the information coming from NY State as well as a cross-reference with the Environmental Working Group’s website, we have decided to include all PEG ingredients to the unsafe ingredient database of the Supermarket App Pro.  The reason for the concern is because PEG and PEG compounds have been found to be contaminated with ethylene oxide (carcinogen, classified by the IARC) and 1,4 dioxane (probably carcinogen, classified by the EPA)

Below are articles that discuss the NY State ban and restrictions on PEG ingredients:

We’ve also crossed-reference these PEG ingredients with the Environmental Working Groups database and you can find that here…

If you scroll down to the ingredient concerns you will see that all these PEG compounds, including other PEG compounds not mentioned here, are contaminated with 1,4 dioxane and ethylene oxide.

For the reasons mentioned above, we’ve included PEG and all PEG compounds in the Supermarket App Pro’s unsafe database. When you scan a product with a PEG ingredient.